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Male Saints Statues from Portugal

Hand Carved and Hand Painted Wood Statues

  • Highest Quality Sacred Art statues
  • Made by the Best Artisans, Sculptors and Painters in Europe
  • Using the Finest Materials, Gold Trim (23K), Crystal Eyes

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copyright PLEASE NOTE: All of our artwork is protected by International Copyright laws.

Featured Male Saints

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Example Male Saints for Customizing

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Saint Alfred (SKU: CPTH0155)Saint Alfred (SKU: CPTH0155)
Saint Anthony (SKU: CPTH0171)Saint Anthony (SKU: CPTH0171)
Saint Anthony, Saint Teresa and Baby Angels (SKU: CPTH0219)Saint Anthony, Saint Teresa and Baby Angels (SKU: CPTH0219)
Saint Benedict (SKU: CPTH0141)Saint Benedict (SKU: CPTH0141)
Saint Benedict (SKU: CPTH0150)Saint Benedict (SKU: CPTH0150)
Saint Constabel (SKU: CPTH0137)Saint Constabel (SKU: CPTH0137)
Saint Francis (SKU: PT07-AF0418)Saint Francis (SKU: PT07-AF0418)
Saint Francis (SKU: CPTH0173)Saint Francis (SKU: CPTH0173)
Saint Francis (SKU: CPTH0139)Saint Francis (SKU: CPTH0139)
Saint Francis Kneeling (SKU: CPTH0176)Saint Francis Kneeling (SKU: CPTH0176)
Saint Francis with Hood (SKU: CPTH0142)Saint Francis with Hood (SKU: CPTH0142)
Saint Francis with Hood (SKU: CPTH0178)Saint Francis with Hood (SKU: CPTH0178)
Saint Francis Xavier (SKU: CPTH0134)Saint Francis Xavier (SKU: CPTH0134)
Saint Francis Xavier (SKU: CPTH0144)Saint Francis Xavier (SKU: CPTH0144)
Saint French Prince (SKU: CPTH0140)Saint French Prince (SKU: CPTH0140)
Saint James of Santiago (SKU: PT07-AF0414)Saint James of Santiago (SKU: PT07-AF0414)
Saint James of Santiago (SKU: PT07-AF0415)Saint James of Santiago (SKU: PT07-AF0415)
Saint John of God (SKU: CPTH0228)Saint John of God (SKU: CPTH0228)
Saint John the Baptist (SKU: CPTH0172)Saint John the Baptist (SKU: CPTH0172)
Saint Joseph (SKU: CPTH0125)Saint Joseph (SKU: CPTH0125)
Saint Joseph (SKU: CPTH0220)Saint Joseph (SKU: CPTH0220)
Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: CPTH0126)Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: CPTH0126)
Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: PT07-AF0016)Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: PT07-AF0016)
Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: PT07-AF0217)Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: PT07-AF0217)
Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: CPTH0221)Saint Joseph with Jesus (SKU: CPTH0221)
Saint King (SKU: CPTH0131)Saint King (SKU: CPTH0131)
Saint Lawrence (SKU: PT07-AF0589)Saint Lawrence (SKU: PT07-AF0589)
Saint Matthew (SKU: CPTH0210)Saint Matthew (SKU: CPTH0210)
Saint Michael Archangel (SKU: CPTH0307)Saint Michael Archangel (SKU: CPTH0307)
Saint Nuno (SKU: CPTH0183)Saint Nuno (SKU: CPTH0183)
Saint Nuno (SKU: CPTH0179)Saint Nuno (SKU: CPTH0179)
Saint Peter (SKU: PT07-AF0420)Saint Peter (SKU: PT07-AF0420)
Saint Peter (SKU: PT07-AF0405)Saint Peter (SKU: PT07-AF0405)
Saint Peter in Chains (SKU: CPTH0203)Saint Peter in Chains (SKU: CPTH0203)
Saint Pope Kneeling (SKU: CPTH0177)Saint Pope Kneeling (SKU: CPTH0177)
Saint Pope on Platform (SKU: CPTH0170)Saint Pope on Platform (SKU: CPTH0170)
Saint Priest (SKU: CPTH0164)Saint Priest (SKU: CPTH0164)
Saint Sebastian (SKU: PT07-AF0304)Saint Sebastian (SKU: PT07-AF0304)
Saint with Baby and Child (SKU: CPTH0163)Saint with Baby and Child (SKU: CPTH0163)
Saint with Boys (SKU: CPTH0143)Saint with Boys (SKU: CPTH0143)
Saint with Flag (SKU: CPTH0239)Saint with Flag (SKU: CPTH0239)
Saint with Two Boys (SKU: CPTH0136)Saint with Two Boys (SKU: CPTH0136)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0133)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0133)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0237)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0237)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0238)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0238)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0241)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0241)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0242)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0242)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0243)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0243)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0244)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0244)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0245)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0245)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0227)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0227)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0135)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0135)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0184)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0184)
Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0138)Saint, Male (SKU: CPTH0138)

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